Gourmet-Hotel Marmolada**** recipes

Let you savor the delicious specialities created by our chef and try some receipts from our gourmet cuisine in your home

Every day in the Hotel Marmolada**** restaurant gourmet we serve our guests various specialities, carefully prepared by our Chef Alex and his staff.
This is a corner with some recipes to try at home:

Bauerngröstel – Peasant’s dish

For 4 people


400gr. Meat of boiled beef

300gr. Potatoes (no floury)
1 dinely chopped onion

2 spoons oil to brown
200 ml. Meat stock

½ bayleaf
½ spoon majoran cut thin, salt and ground pepper

40 gr. Butter and finely chopped parsley

- Wash potatoes and cook them in salted water for 40 minutes
- Cool the potatoes, peel them and cut them evenly
- Heat the oil in a pan and browns the potatoes an onion
- Cut the beef into slices and add it to the potatoes
- Add bayleaf and majoran, season with salt, pepper and cook well, adding meat broth from time to time.
- Before serving add butter and parsley

- Garnish the meat with fried onions
- As side dish serve lettuce or cabbage salad

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