Cuisine of the Gourmet Hotel Marmolada in Corvara Alta Badia - Recipes

Enjoy the delicious specialties from our chef de cuisine and prepare some recipes from our gourmet cuisine also at home

Every day we serve our guests at the restaurant of the gourmet hotel Marmoladavarious specialties carefully prepared by our Chef Alex and his staff. This is a corner with recipes to try at home:

Anglerfish in bacon coat with artichokes for 4 people
2 anglerfish (400g each)
8 sage leaves
12 thin bacon slices
4 artichokes
80ml extravirgin olive oil
50g of scallion or fine sliced onions
2 cloves of garlic thin cut
80ml white wine
1 thyme twig
100ml water or fish back
ground pepper
2 drop of Tabasco

mashed potatoes and olives
small slices of artichokes to garnish
some small leaves of dill.

Peel the anglerfish, cut the threads and clean.
Spread the sage leaves over the fish and then wrap it in bacon.
Clean the artichokes, remove tough outer leaves and cut into six pieces.
Heat olive oil in a pan, season the anglerfish with pepper and brown on both sides. Along with the fish fry the shallots or onion, too.
Combine the artichokes and sauté briefly with the rest, add the white wine, add the thyme, add the fish back and put everything in the oven to braise.
Remove fish from oven and season with salt, pepper and Tabasco. Arrange the fish on now artichokes and mashed potatoes and olives, distribute leaflets of dill and artichokes fried and serve.

Baking temperature: 180 degrees
Baking time: ~15 minutes

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